Event Details

  • Hockey teams will be allowed to access their dressing rooms 30 minutes before game time
  • Warm up is to be done before entering the building or can be done inside the dressing rooms
  • The dome will not be available for hockey teams to use for warmups, unless it is a scheduled booking
  • Players are required to stay in their dressing rooms once they enter the building until game time
  • Players are still required to be undressed and out of the dressing room 15 minutes after the game has been completed. Failure to follow this timeline could result in later access to dressing rooms in the future
  • Spectators can only enter 5 minutes before the game and are required to leave immediately after the game has ended.
  • Spectator limits are up to 36 in IPB, 190 in KMA and 50 in Field House physical/social distancing is required.
  • Dome field rentals can only enter once the previous group has vacated the field house. (Approximately 5 mins before scheduled rental)
  • The café will be open with seating capacity for 35,  masks can be removed only when sitting to eat or drink.