Bingo Rules Regulations

Bingo Rules Regulations


The T.V. version of Bingo is much the same as Hall Bingo. The numbers are called as they come out of the machine and they are displayed on the screen for your viewing. When you have a bingo, call 758-1994 and our operators will take your call.

The person that bingos out on the LEAST number of balls is the winner of that game, regardless of how many numbers have been called. In the event of more than one winner, the prize will be divided equally.


The Jackpot starts off at $5000 in 48 numbers. If it isn't won within the number of balls announced in that game, it is announced that they will now be playing for a consolation amount of $250. Numbers are called until a winner(s) is confirmed. Each week, the jackpot then increases by another $200. The maximum amount that it can reach is $14,400. An extra number called for the jackpot increases by 1 number every 10 weeks. By the time the jackpot reaches $14,400, the ball count should be 52. The maximum jackpot can be held for 12 weeks. If it does not go on the 11th week, it will be played for on the 12th week until a winner(s) is confirmed in as many balls as it takes.